Saturday, July 23, 2011

Te gusta helado?

7/22/11- I don’t have very much to relay to everyone, things are kind of slow right now since I haven’t really met anyone outside my host family. I am definitely ready to go to my orientation and meet more people  in my situation that will want to go out and explore the city. I think I will feel a little bit better about things once I have that because right not I get little boughts of homesickness and I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I am used to having someone I can go do things with all of the time and I am generally in a city where even if I don’t have someone to go places with I am comfortable going by myself and I have not reached that point yet. I did go out for a little while with Carolina down Avenida 18 de Julio which is the street that runs right in front of our apartment. There is a lot of commercial activity on the street, a ton of shops and vendors everywhere. We followed the street to the beginning of Ciudad Vieja, the oldest part of the city, but we turned around there and headed back. I got a few pictures but needless to say this isn’t much of a tourist area and I didn’t want to attract too much attention to myself. I did stop and have my first ice cream cone (helado) I had dulceleche granizado which is essentially  sweet milk with chocolate flakes. It was delicious.. then when I got back I realized there is the same ice cream shop directly across the street from the apartment.. I could get used to that :D

7/23/11- Today was a much busier day for me, I got to see a little bit more of the city and get to know how things work a little more. After breakfast I went with Gerardo to the shopping center because he needed to get a new phone and I ended up finding a little pay as you go Nokia phone for about $60 (including 300 units?) and a Spanish novel! So now I have a phone I can use to get in contact with anyone that I meet here. Then, I came home and relaxed for a bit, read some and waited to go the the Spa with the family. Now don't get too excited... it wasn't the kind of Spa most people would think of it was actually a gym and I did a spin class, very different from the one I did in Texas, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I couldn't help but think of all my SOL girls I sat there cycling to Club can't handle me and Shakira, took everything I had not to hop off my bike and bust a move right there :D The gym was very nice and afterward we spent a little time in the jacuzzi! Then I went to el super (the grocery store) with Andrea to get things for tomorrow and dinner tonight. Tomorrow is Fathers day here and the finals of El Copa de America (HUGE soccer tournament) and Celeste is playing in the finals. I am sure I will have plenty to say after that experience! Ciao for now

Un beso

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