Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ñoquis on the block (had a bunch of hits)

I found this post saved in a draft that I apparently never finished if you care to read what I was thinking two weeks ago about my classes starting: 02/08/2011 (2nd of August)- Day 1 of "real" classes and I am learning how to write the date :)  I was a little confused when I thought my class started on February 8th, 2011. I tried out three classes today. The first of which was Philosophy of Language at 8am. I am not sure if I just wasn't awake enough to take it in or if the class is going to be way over my head. I have never taken a philosophy class, but I have studied language with linguistics and such, so I thought maybe it would be okay? I am starting to take back that decision and I am debating whether or not to stick through it or choose something I will better understand. The second class was art, which actually turned out to be Art History. Meh.. I wasn't all that interested in the professor or the conversations in that class. I have no doubt that Art History can be interesting, but sometimes the teachers can make or break the class for you. Finally I had my Psychology of Religion class, provided that I can keep up with conversations, is going to be the most interesting in my opinion. I am taking that one for sure :)
And now back to present time. I have just finished up week two of classes (the weeks are starting to go by more quickly, I feel like I just wrote about my weekend). The final schedule is: Spanish, Uruguayan Culture, Psychology of Religion, History of Uruguay and the Region, and (literally translated) Techniques and Activities of Camping- essentially some form of outdoor education I am hoping. As of right now, I still think Psychology is going to be a very interesting, and difficult class. Enough about classes though, that isn't the only thing going on down here!

Wednesday night there was a gathering of Latin 
Singers in carnival costumes
American students at the plaza across the street from my apartment, so I decided I would go take a look. I met up with other exchange students there and we were surround by music, bands, and dancing! There were various types of bands and music being played, one of which is called Candombe. Candombe is a Uruguayan drumline essentially with girls that dance, it was really interesting! Unfortunately they didn't play very long, but we got to hear Cumbia and other music as well. Our group of students took to dancing with

the group of Argentinians as the night progressed and it was a good time :)

Thursday I spent a lot of time at the school after class just sitting around playing card games, talking, and waiting for Kelsey and Ali to get out of class. After school we all walked to Kelsey's house to make dinner talk for awhile. We were greeted at the house by Kelsey's cousin Juan and some mate. We sat around talking for  along while and then thought we should probably get to making dinner: Ñoquis (gnocchi), ensalda de espinaca (spinach salad), verduras cocinadas (cooked vegetables), and vino (wine). We made the gnocchi and everything from scratch, it was such an amazingly fresh meal! We bought most of the vegetables from a little stand on our way to her house as well. It felt really good to actually cook something again, I miss being to choose/ make dinner almost every night, that was something I definitely took for granted living in my house last year!Oh, and for those of you who didn't get my title reference here is a link to one, of many songs, we decided the word Ñoquis would fit into, just fast forward to about 25 seconds and it will alll make sense!
Last night (Friday) I went to Festival Tango.. pictures and recap to follow soon!

The AMAZING package my parents sent me :)
The Reese's were a hit and I enjoyed my first bowl of Cheerios this morning!

P.S. If anyone has any questions or things they would like me to write about PLEASE leave a comment and let me know :) Sometimes I feel like I am just talking to myself when I am writing this Blog and some things that seem so obvious to me, maybe I have not shared with you all, so let me know!!

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