Thursday, August 25, 2011


Just a quick post before I head out for the weekend because I am sure my next one will be quite long...
I went to my first EVER (I know I am lame, but in case Tracie or Jess ever try to tell you otherwise- I do know what the World Cup is...) soccer game today with Lucia and Carolina. 
I do not have any pictures to add to this blog because, well soccer games are not the best places to have a camera. It was two teams for Uruguay and I was told I am cheering for the team in BLACK and YELLOW= Peñarol. I didn't know all of the rules, well really any of the rules, of soccer but I think I understood most of the game. This was not a big game at all, not even important enough to know the name of the other team, but of course the Peñarol side of the stadium was very full. The energy coming from the stadium was amazing, really made me miss playing sports! Huge shout out to my SOL girls.. I was thinking of you today :) 
I have a new, what is the right word? Respect? Fascination? with soccer after today. First off, the players on the field literally run, not jog, but sprint for 45 minutes straight- incredible! I mean I knew this before, but watching it in person just makes it so much different. Second, they are more than willing to take a ball that is kicked at them straight to the head.. I didn't realize how often that actually occurred in a game. Not to mention when there is a penalty kick? maybe? they line up, hook arms, wait for the guy to kick the ball and JUMP into to the air hoping to... stop it with their face. That. I couldn't believe, very valiant on their part.
Anyway it was a very new and exciting experience. I cannot wait to go to a game of more importance... perhaps Nacional vs Peñarol?? = The two biggest teams in Uruguay by far.. you are either for Nacional or Peñarol.. nothing else. And I have been told my <3 must lie with Peñarol if I with to remain a member of this household, so there you have it. :D


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